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Mark Reid’s ‘Vain Zarathustra’

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Mark Reid’s play ‘Vain Zarathustra‘ previewed at our very first New Live Theatre Showcase Evening on 26th July 2012 and was be Directed by Alastair Zyggu.


Mark Reid is the pseudonym of Mark Reid. Having not grown up anywhere, he has previously accosted Manchester audiences with work such as ‘The Posthumous Papers of Alan Koningsberg’ (Revolution, Dir Paul Blinkhorn) and ‘Follies in Sacks’ (Embryo for Studio Salford). His most recent effort was a production of three new half hour plays called RAMPANT (Black Lion) including his own work ‘Minted’ (Dir Karl Barnsley). God knows why anyone has let him back out. He has co-ordinated the Manchester Fringe Network Meetings for the past couple of years, and is keen to help make theatre happen inManchester. In his spare time he is a blood donor.


Fergus and Kirsty are happily ensconced in their routine and uneventful life in the suburbs ofBolton. They do not travel; in fact neither has been much further than their corner shop in the 30 odd years of their existence. So what makes them decide to take in a lodger, who in turn decides to bring his girlfriend too, and how does this foursome co-exist in a small terraced backwater? Not all is what it may seem … Who really is this enigmatic lodger by the name of Talbot? Where has he come from and why does he want so much to get to Manchester, but never actually gets on a bus and goes? And what of the strained relationships that ensue when the Fergus and Kirsty are subjected daily to their lodgers’ sexual antics being carried out in their bed?? Something or someone has to give sooner or later …

The play is written entirely in pentameter and harks back to an age old tradition of theatrical story-telling; and cleverly combines within this modern tapestry some of the teachings of the prophet Zarathustra and the religion of Zoroasterianism.

Previewed at Manchester Showcase Evening
26th July 2012, The Houldsworth, Manchester
Written by: Mark Reid
Directed by: Alastair Zyggu



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