A Parson’s Tale returns to Bolton

This week one-man play A Parson’s Tale is set to return to Bolton, this time in the village of Little Lever! Set in 1895 England, A Parson’s Tale takes it’s audience on an enthralling journey into the past, highlighting how society has changed since the late Victorian era in many, often comedic, ways. Audience members are invited to come join Reverend Smith and his church warden Mrs Fletcher as they celebrate the rebuilding of the Old Bell Tower in the village of Norton… or so this is supposed to be…

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Love Shy Neighbour Review

Love Shy Neighbour

In November 2011 we took our debut show Love Shy Neighbour to the Robert Powell Theatre in Salford, 6 months after it’s initial debut at the Salford Arts Theatre in May 2011. If you missed the show, you can check out a review by clicking the link below! READ THE REVIEW NOW! By Tim Mottershead (Remote Goat) **** 4 stars November ’11 Cast: Norma Kelly … as … Annie Hardkiss Betty Webster … as … Liz Campbell Bob Young … as … John Campbell Julie Parton … as … Kate Jenson…

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