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Surviving Actors Manchester, Books and Training

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Saturday 12th May saw the Surviving Actors event return to Manchester for it’s second year. Having missed last year’s event, I wanted to take a trip along to see what all the fuss was about, and I’m very pleased I did.

Surviving Actors is a free event which kicked off in 2011. Run by Felicity Jackson and Lianne Robertson, the convention has so far taken place in London and Manchester and, now in it’s second year, it is due to hit Edinburgh on 18th August 2012. The aim of the convention is said to be to help Actors “Develop, Sustain and Create”.

It was great to see such a large gathering of Actors in one place (around 1,000 was said to attend the Manchester event this year). Upon entering the building, you were greeted by a long queue of buzzing, budding Actors waiting to enter one of several seminars which ran throughout the day. These seminars were hosted by numerous industry professionals, including Casting Directors, Acting Coaches, Lifestyle Coaches, Authors, Accountants and casting giant Spotlight themselves.

Between chatting leisurely with the stall holders touting their various services (Headshots, Acting Classes, Showreels, Casting Websites, Unions etc) and running into many old faces, I managed to catch two of the seminars which I found to be very informative.

An Attitude for ActingOne of these seminars was “An Attitude for Acting“, which was hosted on the day by co-author Dr Tara Swart. I found this seminar very interesting, having always had an interest in the psychological elements of Acting. There were some great tips; such as how to reverse the effects of the negative gremlin on your shoulder which tells you you can’t do it (come up with a strong mantra to counteract the voice, telling you you ‘can’. I.e. “They won’t take me seriously” becomes “They’re seriously considering me”). I would like to recommend this book to any Actor who would like to learn how to break down their psychological thought processes and improve their Attitude.
Read More on Amazon: An Attitude for Acting or follow them on Twitter: @Attitude4Acting

Luckily, the sun was shining down on Manchester on Saturday, so I was able to slip off towards the end of the afternoon for a soft drink in a nearby pub with some fellow Actors before heading off to perform in a show that evening.

All in all, Surviving Actors was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I would recommend anyone catch the Surviving Actors Manchester 2013 event if they can. Get some of your acting friends together, book your seminars in advance (most did sell out) and make a day of it – having some company whilst standing in those queues helped to pass the time, unless you’re one of those Actor types who’ll strike up a conversation with anyone…

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Surviving Actors:

Surviving Actors

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