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Showcase Underway and More…

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MANCHESTER_THEATRE_SHOWCASE_ADSo, after months of planning, advertising for and reading scripts and two round of auditions, the Manchester Theatre Showcase is now well underway! We now have our new venue (3MT), 4 Writers, 4 Directors, 12 Actors and 3 Stand Up Comedians confirmed! There are a total of 23 participants in this year’s April Showcase – more than double that of our last showcase in July 2012! The details of who is involved have already been updated on the website but I’m going to be announcing the information officially throughout today.

As an extension to the Theatre Showcase, I have been speaking with a London based PR company called ‘Penguin In the Room‘ and have arranged for them to run a 3 hour Workshop for us in 2 weeks time on ‘Marketing and Social Media for Actors‘ – it’s going to be a great workshop if you can make it along. Samantha, an Award Winning Arts Marketeer, will also be visiting us again in April to deliver a shorter seminar on the opening day of the Theatre Showcase. I arranged for Penguin In the Room to visit us as I believe that every Actor (or Director, Writer, Theatre Company – or anyone in the arts business) HAS to be aware of how to MARKET themselves. In today’s harsh, fast-moving industry, talent on it’s own just isn’t enough – you need to be aware of how to sell yourself and know what you’re selling; I remember that in my training, this is something that I never had explained to me and had to discover for myself via other means. I’m sure I’ll learn some great tips from the workshop too and am greatly looking forward to it! Try and get yourself along if you can. (Click here for more info)

aparsonstaleAs well as arranging the showcase, we have now kicked off our 2013 tour of Christopher Owen’s ‘A Parson’s Tale‘, after our debut show with it last November in Bolton. We had a great show down in Manley, Cheshire, last month and we will be visiting St Thomas’s Church Hall in Delph (near Saddleworth, Oldham) in a couple of weeks, followed by a visit to Hesketh Bank in Preston the week after. I’ve also learned today that Bob Young (our Rev. J T Smith) will be interviewed by the lovely Norma Kelly on Preston FM on the 18th March to promote the show, so that should be good fun! After Hesketh Bank, we’re closer to home up in Rossendale in April visiting a brilliantly refurbished 19th century church – St Anne’s in Waterfoot (our first ‘Church’ venue, as opposed to church hall or village hall). We’re still adding venues all the time, and it was nice to get our first requested booking from a venue last week after they heard feedback from our show at Manley. If you’re interested in getting along to see A Parson’s Tale, you can find all the details at

Women's VoicesI have been getting a lot of interest in Women’s Voices; another comedy by Christopher Owen, but this time co-written with Susan Monson, about a feminist a cappella choir. We (myself and Clare Barry, who I approached, with crossed fingers, to Direct this great script, knowing it would be right up her street) will be starting pre-production for the show after we’ve completed work on the Showcase in April (in which Clare will be directing a new piece called ‘VIP’, by Thomas Ingham). We should then begin casting around the end of May. We have lots of great suggestions for cast already and I look forward to meeting everyone. This is truly a great, funny show, and the choir – which we will be putting together as a ‘choir‘ – will bring a brilliant dynamic to the production, which isn’t necessarily a musical (much like A Parson’s Tale, I would describe it as a play with musical highlights).

But for now, I think that’s enough of my rambling. As always, if you have any questions about anything New Live Theatre related please feel free to email me at

So until the next blog, that’s me waffled out…



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