Support or Sponsor Us

support-usThere are SO many ways you can help us – you may not have even realised!!

As a small-scale independent theatre company, we currently receive no funding from Arts Councils or local arts bodies. We always have mutually beneficial opportunities for businesses and individuals to support our company and our shows.

We are able to offer our Sponsors various benefits from advertising for businesses (see more below) to tickets and special mentions for individual supporters. And obviously, our Sponsors gain our lifelong gratitude!



  • Distribute some flyers to your friends or a group you go to or ask your local shop to put up a poster for us!
  • Post a link to our website or show on your Facebook or Twitter! We actively use all kinds of social media to reach new audiences – engage with our #hashtags so we can find you to thank you! Talk and tell people about us 🙂 Simple and free word of mouth advertising is THE BEST!
  • Got an old fancy dress costume clogging up space in your wardrobe or attic? We love costumes and quirky props!

Individuals can choose to sponsor a show for just £25. To do this, just check whether the option is available at the bottom of the show’s page on our website, alternatively you can email us. When you sponsor a show, your name (and link to your website if provided) will appear at the bottom of the show page on our website, in a ‘thank you’ section in the programme and you will receive 2 tickets to the show on a night of your choice (if you consider tickets may cost 7-10, that’s just an extra £5-11 but a massive help to us! You will also get a ‘thank you’ on Facebook and Twitter and our deepest appreciation. Businesses are also welcome to purchase this option. Please note: Sponsorship is non-refundable, but tickets can be transferred if you wish to sell or pass them on – just let us know so that we know which name to list on the door!


  • Got somewhere in central Manchester we could use to rehearse from for free? Or a large room we could host a show in? We can sort out all the legal stuff.
  • Donate some unwanted items to our props store – we can’t take everything due to limited space, but we do often require random items, from household goods to office items. Particularly screens…
  • Leave some flyers out for us or put up a poster in your staffroom/canteen/shop/entrance
  • Make a money donation in exchange for an advert in the programme or products included in the show or distribute samples at shows. We could hand out your flyers, put up posters or banners too! … or even on set!
  • Donate some time if you have skills to help us or unwanted materials such as wood for flats and scenery
  • Lend us something which may be useful for a show! Costumes, props, furniture – stages even!

For WEBSITE BANNER ADVERTISING, please Click Here. Or read on for more opportunities…

You can sponsor individual shows which may correlate with your business (for instance a Hotel may wish to sponsor ‘Spook Manor‘, or a nightclub may wish to sponsor ‘VIP‘), or you may wish to arrange a more regular sponsorship scheme for all our shows and our company overall. We have various sponsorship options available for businesses. We are able to promote businesses via show programmes, videos, social media networks, our website, word of mouth advertising and could even offer perks for your company – such as complimentary tickets for your staff, private and preview performances, ‘meet the cast’ opportunities, workshops, product placement in shows and many more options. Sponsorship does not always mean you need to give us ‘money’ – you may wish to sponsor us by providing us with printing, rehearsal space, advertising, products/props or even just some of your time and assistance. If you think you may be able to support us in any way, we’d love to hear from you.

We are currently seeking sponsors for:
The Manchester Theatre Showcase (Production: June 2014)
(Production: 2014 tour)
Women’s Voices (Production: 2014 tour)
A Walk in the Park (Production: 2014)
The Elves and the Shoemaker Musical (Production: Christmas 2014)

You can support us in any way you like – whether it be a single regional tour or our company itself, just get in touch and we can arrange to meet for a brew to discuss options or arrange a call – or Skype even. You may even wish to come down to meet the cast and crew for a sneak preview during rehearsals or arrange  a private, exclusive performance for your company ahead of opening night!

We’re particularly keen to build lasting relationships with businesses in the Manchester region whom we can associate with and promote on a long term basis!

If you would like to discuss how you may support us and what we can offer in return, please email