Showcase Submission Rules

In order for your script to be accepted into the Manchester Theatre Showcase, the following criteria MUST be met:

  • Submissions will not be considered outside of the submission period. Please check the latest submission dates on the Showcase page.
  • Maximum of 4 Actors required for showcase scene. Doubling is fine if applicable.
  • Maximum of 5 Actors required for full production.
  • Writers cannot participate as an Actor in their own scene.
  • Writers cannot direct their own play. Directors are pre-selected by New Live Theatre before scripts are accepted.
  • Writers cannot provide their own Actors, though can recommend actors. Casting will be completed by New Live Theatre and your allocated Director.
  • Written permission must be granted by Writer for full production prior to acceptance into showcase should the play win the audience vote.
  • Writer must grant New Live Theatre Company artistic control over the final text used. Writers will be informed of any planned alterations to script (if any) and consulted before finalisation.
  • Showcase script extract must be 10-20 minutes in length.
  • We do not accept Short Plays. Any play submitted must have a run time of above 50 minutes at full length.
  • In-development plays are not accepted. Incomplete scenes will not be accepted and the completed script WILL be requested if we are considering your script for the showcase.
  • All submitted content must be free of plagiarism.
  • You cannot submit for a friend or relative. Participants must submit their own work.
  • You may enter a maximum of 2 scripts for consideration. Only one may be selected.
  • Previous participants are allowed to enter.
  • Previously entered and unsuccessful scripts can be re-submitted.
  • Participants must be aged 18+
  • Writers are expected to take part in some promotional social-media activity (twitter/facebook). Let us know if you are on Twitter. We promote all participant activity if notified for 3 months pre and post-showcase. Official 2015 Twitter/Facebook hashtag for related promotional tweets: #MTS2015
  • Writers must live within a 50 mile radius of Manchester to participate.

If your script does not meet the criteria above, you will not be eligible for entry into our Theatre Showcase.


Submissions should include:

  • 10-20 minute script extract for use in the showcase, preferably in .pdf format .doc/.docx/.ods are fine too
  • A brief biography of your experience (no experience is required – new Writers are encouraged to apply).
  • A contact email and telephone number. Your Twitter Username if you have one?


Please email your submission to with the following Subject format: “SHOWCASE SUBMISSION: Play Name, Your Name” – for example: “SHOWCASE SUBMISSION: Spook Manor, Paul Kenney”.


We will read and reply to each submission whether you are successful or not WITHIN 2 WEEKS AFTER THE SET DEADLINE. Acknowledgement of receipt should be received immediately after submission. Successful participants will be invited to speak with their allocated Director prior to casting, providing an opportunity for the Writer to give their input – after this meeting, all casting, production and directorial decisions will be made solely by New Live Theatre and your Director.


If you have any questions and for non-Showcase submissions, please email



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