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SARAH by Stevie Helps
Photography by Mark Russell – Features: Barbara Ashworth (Helen) and Imogen Butler (Sarah)

SARAH, is a new play by Writer/Director Stevie Helps.
First Performed: The Lowry Studio, Wed 15 January 2020
Writer: Stevie Helps
Director: Stevie Helps
Producer: Stevie Helps
Company: New Live Theatre Company, No Egos Theatre Productions and Manchester Hub Drama School.

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Reviewer: Paul Schofield

“Sarah is a good play and deserves to do well in a longer run. (…) It’s certainly solid enough to survive.”

“some genuinely funny moments and some serious ones”

“The LGB topics are handled objectively and amusingly”

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Reviewer: Rhiann Millington

“I would strongly recommend “Sarah” as it’s a play that conveys how things can so easily spiral out of control and addresses serious issues that other plays fail to talk about. Overall, it’s a production I would gladly see again!”

“The setting up of the stage was perfect and the actors didn’t fail to use the space wisely”

“the production didn’t fail to contain lots of laughter in Act 1, before diving in deeper into the serious issues the characters all face in Act 2.”

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Reviewer: Lorraine Worsley-Carter MBE

“SARAH (…) highlights the significance and need of a deeper level of communication between loved ones before it’s too late.”

“With strong portrayals from all the cast, the live singer, Kat Rawling, deserves special credit and links the plot exceptionally well”

“Helps is known to overlay a multitude of genres and technical styles (…) This production is certainly boundary blurring”

The Morning Star – Read Full Review

Reviewer: Paul Foley

“highlights importance of talking therapy in tackling mental health issues”

“examines the pernicious impact of a masculine culture on women”

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