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As I have a tendency to ramble, I’m going to start with the aim of keeping this blog entry short, or at least to the point – we’ll see how it goes … but don’t hold your breath.

Since my last blog, I’d say the most obvious development with New Live Theatre would be that we have started work on a new one-man play called ‘A Parson’s Tale‘ which is due to go on at Bromley Cross Village Hall on November 30th, just over 2 weeks from now. We’ve been very lucky to be granted permission to perform this little gem from the Writer Christopher Owen, who toured the show at over 100 venues between 95-04. Me and Bob had a trip down to London to meet with him and borrow his harmonium a number of weeks back, and I must say – what an inspirational guy he is! Not only is he a talented Writer and accomplished Actor, he and his wife are also two of the most genuine and interesting people I’ve met in a long time. Sadly, those kind of folk are becoming few and far between (in my opinion), particularly in the theatre world. Whilst there, we were treated to a lovely home-cooked meal, with warmed wine, and delighted with stories from Chris’ Rep Theatre days in his younger years and tales from their tour of the UK & Gulf! Such a pleasure, I really hope we do his play justice.

Sadly, I had to postpone the production of ‘Spook Manor‘ until next year, but it shall be going ahead and I’m looking forward to a workshop of the script before Christmas! The feedback from the preview at the July showcase was brilliant so I’m looking forward to casting the final few roles and confirming my Spooky Team!

I am now searching for new scripts from the Spring Theatre Showcase, which I’m soon to confirm the dates of. I have been busy planning the new format and building a little team to help make this next showcase bigger and better than the last. The format got some great feedback, so I look forward to building on that, too. The submission period for scripts ends on 7th December, so over the Christmas period the plays will be announced, along with Casting Calls.

On the subject of casting – I’m going to be organising a couple of General Casting Workshops in Manchester Centre in December to meet some new local Actors. There are a few projects coming up I’ll be casting for – some that I’m keeping schtum about for the time being – so it will be a nice, fun way to scout some talented folk while the pressure is fairly off.

Next year is looking to be shaping up very well and I’m looking forward to completing some more writing over the Christmas period – what with Christmas, new year and my birthday in such close proximity, I always seem to be more inspired this time of year.

You’ll be pleased to hear that’s about all I have to tell you for now. Ish. Thank you for taking the time to read my waffling and, as ever, keep in touch – via email, TWITTER, or the Facebook page!

I hope to catch some of you soon,

P.S – I realise I failed miserably once again at keeping this blog short.


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