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Paul Kenney Manchester DirectorABOUT PAUL KENNEY:

Paul Kenney is the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of New Live Theatre.
Email: Twitter: @PaulRKenney

Paul is the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of New Live Theatre. He is the main point of contact for all enquiries and is responsible for all of the company’s day to day running, activities and team management. He often acts as Writer, Director, Producer, Casting Director, Marketing Officer, Acting Coach and all other roles required within New Live Theatre – except acting (which he does outside of New Live Theatre – Paul is currently represented by Elite Talent).

Paul started his stage career at the age of 8, performing and competing (briefly but very successfully) in regional dance festivals. After GCSE & A-Level Drama, he went on to study Drama at MMU and before graduating he began Screen Acting studies at Manchester School of Acting with ITV acting coach Mark Hudson, where he continued to build his acting technique. During this time he worked in marketing and undertook an introductory teaching qualification. Paul has since appeared in a number of short films, TV, theatre and TIE productions. In 2011 he filmed as hapless and hair brained schemer ’Massive’ in a TV pilot called ‘Buzz Dish’, directed by Dave Spikey (of ‘Phoenix Nights’), which premiered at the inaugural Cofilmic Comedy Film Festival in 2011, winning an Audience Vote Award. Also in 2011, Paul filmed as regular character ‘Jason Buchanan’ in a 15 part, school-based web series called ‘Rylands‘ and award winning short ‘Feel Good’.


In 2011, Paul founded New Live Theatre to produce new writing in the Manchester region. For the company’s first production he wrote, directed and co-produced ’Love Shy Neighbour’, which showed at the Salford Arts Theatre and again later that year at the Robert Powell Theatre, which gained a 4 star review. Paul wrote the show after reading a celebrity interview which stated that there weren’t enough leading roles for older generations of women; this lead him to write two strong leading characters for women aged 60+ (Annie and Liz in Love Shy Neighbour) and again ‘Spook Manor‘ also features strong female leads. In 2013 Paul picked up ‘Women’s Voices‘, written by Christopher Owen and Susan K Monson, which coincidentally continued this theme.

Paul’s main love is comedy with a healthy injection of truth and a blend of drama. In July 2012, Paul hosted the company’s first Theatre Showcase event, which in it’s second year accidentally went on to be dubbed the ‘Manchester Theatre Showcase‘, which stuck. The new showcase format offers a platform for local Writers, Actors and Directors to showcase themselves to a mixed industry and consumer audience. Paul believes that there is no easy route into the industry and that ‘formal’ routes into theatre, and the often high associated fees to enter showcases & festivals, can deter a lot of talented Writers. Therefore, the showcases will serve as a friendly, constructive, personal and FREE option for local writers to see their work produced on the stage without going grey in the process. From 2014, the showcase will also offer a range of marketing benefits for it’s highly talented participants who go through a casting process.


Spook Manor – (Co-Writer) Showcased July 2012 & Oct 2013
In My Day – Coming 2016
Love Shy Neighbour – Produced Nov 2011
Luv Shy Neighbour – Produced May 2011


A Parson’s Tale – Touring Nov 2012-2014
The Elves and the Shoemaker – Coming Dec 2016.


A Walk in the Park – Coming 20-22 Nov 2013
VIP – 11-15 Sept 2013
A Parson’s Tale – 2012 – 2014 (10 shows to date)
Manchester Theatre Showcase – July 2012 – Present (2 events, 6 plays to date)
Women’s Voices – 16-19 Oct 2013
Spook Manor – (Co-Writer) Showcased July 2012 & Oct 2013
In My Day – Coming 2014
The Elves and the Shoemaker – Coming Dec 2014
Love Shy Neighbour – Nov 2011
Luv Shy Neighbour – May 2011



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