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The new New Live Theatre Co. website has officially launched today! Hopefully, you are now looking at it and it’s all working as it’s supposed to minus any gremlins and such (if you find any lurking about, please let me know and I’ll exterminate them immediately).

I hope you find the site easier to use than it’s predecessor and that it holds all the information you’re looking for. This new website will be update more regularly than it has been in the past, so please bookmark us and check back at regular intervals – or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @NewLiveTheatre (we’re tweet freaks) to keep BANG up to date!

If you have any questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to drop an email to or get in touch via Twitter.


P.S – Just below this text you should see some little icons for you to share this page with others who may find this of some interest. If you could just click one or 4 of them to spread the word, I would be ever so grateful :)



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Fun Facts

Playwright Bertolt Brecht was exiled from Nazi Germany. Later while in the USA, he was interrogated by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.



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