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In April 2013 we hosted the second year of our annual Theatre Showcase event (which from next year will formally take the title of the ‘Manchester Theatre Showcase‘ – after it was accidentally dubbed this during our second year, we’re going to roll with it) at the 3MT (Three Minute Theatre) in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

VIPWe are pleased to announce that our wonderful audience voted for ‘VIP’, written by Thomas Ingham, directed by Clare Barry and featuring Katie Burgess, Hilly Barber and Caroline Warhurst, as their favourite play from the showcase to receive a premiere this September in Manchester. We are also VERY pleased to announce that we have now cast 3 further male roles for this full production – we’ll announce names on Monday! Tickets will go on sale soon and more information about this play can be read at

As New Live Theatre and our shows grow, our website is getting a little cluttered so the Manchester Theatre Showcase will now have it’s own dedicated website at where all future blog posts, casting calls and information related to the annual showcase competition will be available.

This year the event doubled in size, taking place over two nights, instead of last years one night, and instead of 6 Actors this year we showcased 12 and an additional 3 Stand-Up comedians. Instead of 2 comedy plays, we showcased 4 and opened up the competition for all genres. In total our 2012 showcase evening had 10 participants, this year we had 23 participants and next year we intend to grow yet again! As well as the showcase pieces and Stand Up Acts, we invited along Samantha Baines from London based, Award Winning Arts Marketeer, Penguin in the Room to run a workshop on ‘Marketing and Social Media for Actors’ right before our opening night.

We were delighted to have a sell-out audience for both nights of the Theatre Showcase and we’re now making plans for further opportunities and finding experienced local Directors for the Manchester Theatre Showcase 2014, for which we’ll start accepting script submission from local Writers in the run up to Christmas, with auditions in the new year.

How it all started…

The Manchester Theatre Showcase started it’s humble journey in 2012 at a 50 seat theatre on the outskirts of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, showcasing scenes from just 2 new comedy plays to an invited audience. At the end of the night, we asked our knowledgeable audience and participants for written feedback in order to help us further develop the showcase and how it is run. A few people wanted free nibbles and champagne (our original venue didn’t have a bar) but we did get some get feedback. We read each constructive slip of paper and with some new ideas we returned 9 months later with the follow up ‘Theatre Showcase’, which offered more variety and more opportunities.

Theatre Showcase, from audienceOur 2nd annual Theatre Showcase event in 2013 took place at the 3MT (Three Minute Theatre), once again in the Quirky Quarter of Manchester’s city centre. The perfect setting for creativity to flourish. We once again advertised solely via social media for new plays (this time of any genre) by local playwrights. This year we worked with a new set of experienced local directors to select not 2, but FOUR plays to showcase to not only an invited audience, but also a public audience. The selected plays were ‘VIP’, by Thomas Ingham, ‘Counting the Days’, by Matthew Smith, ‘Standing in the Background’, by Mick Cooper and ‘Scarlett Fever’ by Emily Chriscoli. In order to create some continuity for the feel of the night (we had gritty dramas to comedies) we this year advertised for locally performing Stand Up comedians and performers wishing to showcase themselves – 3 to be precise. And we got them! Daniel Carmichael, Bernie Barrett and Joshua Boland-Burrell.


We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our ‘TEAMS’ and Acts who participated and gave their time to the showcase this year – Next year’s 2014 Teams at the Manchester Theatre Showcase have A LOT to live up to, and we look forward to hopefully working with everyone again in the near future. Also, thank you to Gina, John and the staff at 3MT, all of our invited guests who made it down to watch and each and every member of the public who supported our event this year! We promise, next year will be even bigger and better!

Don’t forget – if you’d like to let us know what you want to see at the Manchester Theatre Showcase in 2014, or you’d like to give your feedback as an audience member from this year’s event, please comment below!


VIP TeamWriter: Thomas Ingham Director: Clare Barry
Cast: Katie Burgess, Hilly Barber and Caroline Warhurst.

Comedian: Joshua Boland-Burrell

Counting the Days TeamWriter: Matthew Smith Director: Chloe Lang
Cast: Jack Howard, Samuel Turner and David Degiorgio

Comedienne: Bernie Barrett

Standing in the Background TeamWriter: Mick Cooper Director: Gregg Scott
Cast: Karl Greenwood, Emma McMorrow and Ross McCann

Comedian: Daniel Carmichael

Scarlett Fever TeamWriter: Emily Chriscoli Director: Alex Shepley
Cast: Lily Shepherd, Sharon Heywood and Brian Gorman

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