Knitty Gritty Sitcom Pilot filming in Manchester

Knitty Gritty TV Casting Manchester

Manchester play to be filmed as TV sitcom pilot in 2017

KNITTY GRITTY is a new tv sitcom pilot which will be filming in Manchester in 2017.

Knitty Gritty is based on the play ‘Love Shy Neighbour‘ written by Paul Kenney, seen on stage in Manchester, UK in 2011. The pilot episode will follow best friends Annie Hardkiss and Liz Campbell as they set out to conquer all that stands in their path to victory… more precisely, this year’s annual ‘Knit Off’ competition and their arch nemesis Mrs Ives.


All cast, crew and other interest enquiries are currently being welcomed to We are interested in hearing from Manchester based Filmmakers, Runners and comedy Actors. We are particularly interested in hearing from female Actors aged over 60.

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