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WOMENS_VOICES_MEDI’m very pleased to reveal that New Live Theatre have been granted permission to bring another exciting show to Manchester in the coming year! I can’t wait for you to see this one!

Women’s Voices is a BRAND NEW comedy-drama play about a feminist a cappella choir, whose depleted membership is struggling to keep the choir in existence.

Written by New York born and raised, ex-‘Velvet Fist’ a cappella choir member Susan K Monson and London based Writer/Actor Christopher Owen, Women’s Voices will be Directed by Clare Barry and produced by Paul Kenney.

I have great plans for this show and am currently seeking out a Music Director to help tune the musical aspects of the production.

SO in the new year we will be putting out a casting call for SIX brilliant Manchester based Actress/Singers, between the ages of 25 and 70, who I am not joking in saying that you will hear them before you see them! We’ll also be auditioning for ONE lucky male Actor, mid-forties, to complete the cast!

Any enquiries about this show should be directed to

I wish you all a very ‘Merry Christmas’ and a ‘Happy New Year’!



P.S – If you are interested in hearing ‘Velvet Fist’ singing ‘911 for Peace’, originally by American punk-rock band ‘Anti-Flag’, please click here.

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