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Spook Manor PosterNew Live Theatre is a producing theatre company, run by Co-Artistic Directors Paul Kenney and Stevie Helps, visiting theatres and rural venues around Manchester and Lancashire, UK. Founded by Paul Kenney in 2011, New Live Theatre produces brand new shows and strives to showcase some of the best theatrical talent in the North-West. We champion local theatrical talent!

Womens Voices Yellow WebOur shows are currently being produced around Manchester and the North West region. We mainly produce comedy-dramas but often delve into other areas (including comedy, panto, physical theatre, dramas etc), however our overall objective no matter what genre is to entertain. If you would like to get involved in New Live Theatre, we have many opportunities throughout the year, including: Professional acting roles, stage crew, promoters, sponsors, adult acting/drama classes, short courses, 1 day workshops and schemes for beginners, talent showcases, writing opportunities, directing opportunities and more! We usually have something going on to interest everyone.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailRACHELNew Live Theatre only work with NEW writing (we usually premiere a show in Manchester and then tour it via our touring network). As well as producing our own range of shows, we aim to help local talent connect with our friends at other companies in the region. We love to network and believe it is vitally important in this industry.

In July 2012 we launched a new (FREE to participate in) annual Theatre Showcase event, now the Manchester Theatre Showcase, which aims to promote local Writers, Actors, Directors and encourage networking and marketing-awareness in the Arts in a friendly and approachable atmosphere. As well as being a showcase platform, the event enables the discovery of new theatrical talent for our company to work with on future projects. We believe that there is no easy route into the industry and that ‘formal’ routes into theatre, and the often high associated fees to enter showcases & festivals, can deter a lot of talented Writers. Therefore, the showcases will serve as a friendly, constructive, personal and FREE option for local writers to see their work produced on the stage without going grey in the process. From 2014, the showcase will also offer a range of marketing benefits for it’s highly talented participants who go through a casting process.


New Live Theatre Company was founded in 2011 to produce new writing in the Manchester region. For the company’s first production, Founder, Paul Kenney, wrote, directed and co-produced ’Love Shy Neighbour’, which showed at the Salford Arts Theatre and again later that year at the Robert Powell Theatre, which gained a 4 star review. Paul wrote the show after reading a celebrity interview which stated that there weren’t enough leading roles for older generations of women; this lead him to write two strong leading characters for women aged 60+ (Annie and Liz in Love Shy Neighbour) and again ‘Spook Manor‘ also features strong female leads. In 2013 Paul picked up ‘Women’s Voices‘, written by Christopher Owen and Susan K Monson, which coincidentally continued this theme. When Writer and Director Stevie Helps joined the team in 2014, his production ‘Borderline Electra’ also featured a mainly female cast.


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Founder & Co-Artistic Director
Paul Kenney e: paul@newlivetheatre.co.uk tw: @paulrkenney
Co-Artistic Director
Stevie Helps e: stevie@newlivetheatre.co.uk tw: @steviehelps

Directors we’ve worked with include:

Chloe Lang Alastair_Zyggu Clare Barry Alex Shepley
Chloe Lang Paul Kenney Stevie Helps Alastair Zyggu Clare Barry Alex Shepley

Actors we’ve worked with include:

Sophie Osborne Simon Bugg Natalie Ciufo Hanna Rose Joe Walsh James Cartmell
Sophie Osborne Simon Bugg Natalie Ciufo Hanna Rose Joe Walsh James Cartmell
Hannah Torbitt matthew-fordy ELAINE HARDY deborah sekibo amanda-gee graham-atkin
Norma Kelly Betty Webster Bob Young Julie Hannan David Lamont eloise bonney
Norma Kelly Betty Webster Bob Young Julie Hannan DAVID LAMONT ELOISE BONNEY
Katie Burgess chyaz samuel Hazel Mrozek nancy monaghan Victoria Kerr Emma McMorrow
Jack Howard Karun_Comar Caroline Warhurst levi-payne Parisa Nikkhah-Eshghi Sarah O'Byrne
Chris Taylor Lily Shepherd Melanie Potts Barbara Ashworth Claire Nixon Linda Meacher
Chris Graham Lily Shepherd Melanie Potts Barbara Ashworth Claire Nixon Linda Meacher
Haydn Holden Karl Greenwood Sally Naden nadia-dilamy Una Love Hilly Barber
Haydn Holden Karl Greenwood SALLY NADEN NADIA DILAMY UNA LOVE Hilly Barber
Other Actors include: Pat Brocklehurst, Ross McCann, Samuel Turner,
David Degiorgio, Kimberly Hart-Simpson, Lindsey Chapman, Ed Jaundrell, Hazel Bumby,
Ian Barlow, Rebecca Fenwick, Niamh Seery, Edward Hall, Graeme Langford, Iain Mundell,
Darren Gates, Tom Davidson and Sharon Heywood to name a few.

 Writers we’ve worked with include:

Other Writers include: Lee Thompson, Mark Reid, Nicola Radin, Susan K Monson, MATTHEW SMITH

Theatres we’ve produced in: THE LOWRY, BURY  MET, FOOTLIGHTS HOUSE, SQUARE CHAPEL, GULLIVERS BALLROOM, EAGLE INN THEATRE, z-ARTS THEATRE, Salford Arts Theatre, Robert Powell Theatre, The Houldsworth Rep Theatre, The Three Minute Theatre,  The John Cooper-Clarke Theatre. We also visit semi-rural village and church hall venues throughout the North West region (from Cheshire to Cumbria) as part of our rural touring network.

Interested in working with us?

Actor? Please check our casting calls page to see what roles are currently available.

Writer? Whilst we are interested in reading new plays by talented Writers throughout the UK with a view to producing in our next season, we do receive new submissions on a weekly basis, so when submitting please keep in mind that we are not a large funded organisation and it may take us some time to read your submission (so please, if you are submitting a new script, start with a single short extract and a synopsis to get our interest!) We prefer not to work with a cast over 5 and we do not accept scripts from Writers outside of the UK. Please see our FAQs for more information! We are also interested in collaborating on new writing if you have an exciting idea and are based in Manchester or nearby. Aspiring Writers may be interested in entering our annual Theatre Showcase event, from which the audience selects their favourite piece for a full production – we pick up one show per year from this event, whilst trying to connect runners up with other local companies. For further details, please contact us.

Stage Hand? Costume Design? Set Design? Sound and/or Lighting Technician? Front of House? Photographer? Film-maker? Composer? Whatever your interest in theatre, we’d love to hear from you. A good show requires a lot of work and we’re constantly searching for volunteers to assist us. Please email info@newlivetheatre.co.uk to register your interest. Sorry, we do not offer work experience placements for colleges and schools. When opportunities arise, they are usually on a show-by-show basis.

Want to produce one of our shows with your own company?

Some of our previously produced in-house shows are available for Professional Theatre Companies, Amateur and Community companies to produce. Current scripts available to use: Love Shy Neighbour, Spook Manor
Please email us on info@newlivetheatre.co.uk for further details.