Stevie Helps


Stevie Helps is the Co-Artistic Director of New Live Theatre.
Email: Twitter: @StevieHelps

Stevie Helps joined the main team at New Live Theatre in 2014. Although having worked on numerous television series, Stevie’s main passion is in theatre where it all began at The Miskin Theatre. Stevie is an award winning Director and Writer, with plays recently premiering at The Lowry. Stevie is a Co-Founder and an Acting Coach at the successful Manchester Hub Drama School and Founder of No Egos Theatre Productions.


From 2015-2018 Stevie continually developed his self-penned production ‘BORDERLINE ELECTRA’ (also under the titles ‘Mind’s A Labyrinth‘, ‘Dragged Up‘, ‘RACHEL‘ and ‘Happyminds Hospital’) and received rave reviews…

“The play feels like you’ve immersed yourself in a psychotic nightmare which can only help remind us that for some people with mental health this is their harsh reality.”

“would be the ideal show for politicians who think that the NHS is not struggling to deal effectively with mental health. It shows that mental health is not an issue where one diagnosis fits all unlike a broken arm or a cut hand”

“is a unique piece of theatre that certainly highlights very sensitive and urgent issues. I applaud Helps and all the cast and crew for creating a platform to discuss the severity of mental health”