Paul Kenney

Paul Kenney Manchester DirectorABOUT PAUL KENNEY:

Paul Kenney is the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of New Live Theatre.
Email: Twitter: @PaulRKenney

Paul is the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of New Live Theatre.

Paul started his stage career at the age of 8, performing and competing successfully in regional dance festivals. He filmed as hapless and hair brained schemer ’Massive’ in a TV pilot called ‘Buzz Dish’, directed by Dave Spikey (of ‘Phoenix Nights’), which premiered at the inaugural Cofilmic Comedy Film Festival in 2011, winning an Audience Vote Award. Also in 2011, Paul filmed as regular character ‘Jason Buchanan’ in a 15 part, school-based web series called ‘Rylands‘ and award winning short ‘Feel Good’. Paul is also the Co-Founder and an Acting Coach at the successful Manchester Hub Drama School since 2014.